What’s Brewing… Acid Free Coffee, Cold Brew and more!

587 million cups of coffee each day in the USA! That’s the number the national Coffee Association says we are drinking (average 3 cups per person) and we have to ask ourselves if we drink that much of one beverage why not make it the best 3 cups each day!?! Image result for willow & everett cold brew images

Our favorite Cool Cold Brew maker is this one by the beverage chic folksImage result for willow & everett cold brew images at Willow & Everett they not only make great products they have a very informative website and outstanding customer service.

Let’s not stop at just cold brew let’s talk about the new additives some companies are adding to coffee….  I am not trying to butter you up but at last butter is a good thing, butter in your coffee?? really!Better butter your coffee not your toast… here are six reasons why… from Nutritionist Lily Nichols RDN,CDE, CLT. The best “how to” from the creators of the butter/coffee movement… Bullet Proof Coffee.

Coming to the market soon is a coffee with [they claim] more probiotics than yogurt. Well since most probiotic cultures die at hot temps we would like to see a little more research before we drink the stuff.