The smart speaker from Google

You might already use Gmail, Google Maps and Google Calendar. You might be reading this in Chrome on an Android phone, after searching the topic on Google. Fun fact: You can also use Google to control your home.


What’s new ?


The $130 Google Home is an always-listening smart speaker similar to the Amazon Echo. Say the wake words “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google” and you can command the Home to play music, set a timer or ask it to do any number of tasks including controlling your smart home.

Your Google Home will make it easy for any family member to take advantage of the convenience of a smart home. You can also train the Google Home to recognize the voices of your family and customize responses accordingly.Each family member will need to set up a Google account, or sync their existing account with the Google Home app. At the end of the process, they can train Google by saying the wake words a few times each. You should do the same. Then, when you ask about your calendar or traffic on your way to work, the answer will be specific to you. The Home will be able to manage everybody’s calendars and individualized playlists separately.

Once you have your Google Home up and running, you’re ready to start building a voice-controlled smart home. Start small.

You don’t have to train the Google Home to recognize different commands — it’s programmed to respond to natural language. Expand gradually as you get comfortable with the connected gear you have, and go forth issuing your voice commands as ruler of your castle.







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