The Perfection of a Cup of Coffee…

It all started when I searched the web for how to make a perfect cup of coffee… I landed at Six CoffeeIMG_5158

What’s the best way to brew coffee?
“We love French press. One of the main benefits of brewing coffee in a French press versus a standard drip pot, is that more of the essential oils of coffee end up in your cup instead of a paper filter. As a result, more oils produce a richer, fuller flavor. Also, more of the good ingredients, such as antioxidants and nutrients, end up in your coffee.
Grounds used for French press coffee must be larger and rougher. These grounds tend to release more caffeine. A serving that’s higher in caffeine may also have health advantages.”


Bam! We wanted to go a step further so we bought this little tea kettle that warms up the water to the perfect temperature (the most important part is that the water is the right temp)  We love this one from Breville because it heats several types of tea to the perfect water temp as well. Williams-Sonoma carries it as well as Bed Bath & Beyond sign up for emails at either company and watch for on line coupons to get 20% -40% off plus free shipping.  small coffee grinders are available there as well and we found one for $20.
Viva-la-differance… it’s all about the beans. We ordered some Six Coffee, after all they have taken the time to combine the perfect organic coffee beans roasted weekly, and wow were we impressed! For those of us in Southern California shipping is free! We looked at other famous coffee beans online but none compare to the freshness, quality or the price of Six Coffee.  IMG_5152