Quick and Easy Healthy Salads

The Silicon Valley startup Chowbotics has devised what it says is a partial solution. Its device, which it calls Sally the Salad Robot, is aimed at reducing the risk of food-borne illness by assembling salads out of precut vegetables stored in refrigerated canisters.


Diners use a touch screen to place their orders, choosing from a menu of recipes or designing their own salads.

Salads made by Chowbotics’ robot can be precisely measured, customers will know exactly how many calories are going into the food they order. They are hoping that fast food and quick service restaurants will start using Sally to attract more health-conscious patrons. Most fast food chains can only offer a few different salad types and those tend to be over 400 calories each. Sally users can rely on Chowbotics-provided recipes, or key their own recipes into the robot.

Source: https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/a-robot-makes-a-mean-caesar-salad-but-will-it-cost-jobs/

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