Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli Lollipop

Are you craving some sweet art?


Think Pop Art for 2016 we love Russian born Elena Bulatov. Colorful and creative her take on these giant Lollipops are making everyone smile. tr

cbcb2b117983bc0b28fddc99668f1719Bulatova credited her parents for exposing her to various art museums during their travels. She honed her skills with seven years in art school; she painted, danced and even played the violin in the chamber orchestra at Moscow State University. She then came to the United States to study economics at Yale.









Another stroke of Genius from curator Alexander Salazar, is the Paint Brush and Roller series by Israel’s Efi Meshiah.

ON display at…. ALEXANDER SALAZAR FINE ART, 1040 7th Avenue,  , San Diego, CA 92101