Keto cheese shell taco cups

Your lovely tacos within minutes I can just tell how many hands are raised right now, and how many of you are so excited for this recipe. Want my solution?

Put the cheese on inside a muffin tin! Depending on the side of your muffin pan (I used Jumbo because…come on) you can make mini or huge cups. I just placed slices of colby cheese on parchment and baked at 375 for a few minutes. They will still be bubbly when you take them out. Let them cool a couple minutes until you can lift them, then place into a non stick muffin tin. Let them continue to cool for about 10 minutes, then just fill them up with your favorite taco goodies, and…voila!

Keto Cheese Shell Taco Cups

Serves: 4



cheese cups

6-8 slices of colby jack cheese, or preferred cheese salsa

2 roma tomatoes, diced

3 tbsp diced red onion

½ fresh jalapeno, diced finely

Juice from 1 lime

3 tbsp cilantro other



Preheat oven to 375 Place slices of cheese on parchment lined baking sheet with few inches in between slices Bake for about 5 minutes or until bubbly and just starting to brown at edges Remove baking sheet and let cool a couple minutes Carefully pick up slices and place in muffin tin to form a cup shape, let cool additional 10 minutes Salsa Place roma tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, lime juice and cilantro in medium covered bowl in fridge for at least 30 minutes, or serve immediately -it gets more flavorful the longer it is in the fridge Assemble cups by filling with preferred fillings and enjoy !




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