It’s only Rock & Roll…we crave CREAM Magazine!

images-4Cream Magazine returns and this time to the big screen… help this movie make history come alive and rock & roll again!images

“Boy Howdy! The Story of CREEM Magazine” explores the seminal music magazine from its 1969 launch in Detroit to the untimely death of its publisher Barry Kramer in 1981. Check out the current trailer… CREAM BOY HOWDY!


Side note: the “BOY HOWDY!” and Mr. Dreamwhip characters so associated with the mag were created and drawn by Robert Crumb who by himself is responsible for the creation of Fritz the Cat and the Big Brother And The Holding Company “Cheap Thrills” album cover.


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Cream Magazine was the alternative, to the alternative rock magazines, not holding back at all on commentary of the music world.

9866d4cd088de6c1eb95415cad09734fPlease consider giving to this very cool Kickstarter Campaign. J.J. Kramer is honoring his parents by creating this documentary.


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