Is it an Asian Burrito?

Sure most common Summer Rolls are filled with shrimp and mung bean noodles, I love those as well… but I have Chicken summer rolls-mealplans.cooksmarts.comseveral friends who are not seafood or bean friendly (this recipe is for you).


We switched out the shrimp for chicken, and we switched out the mung bean or rice noodles for noodles made from organic green peas! Thank you Bgreen Food for these Noodles made from Organic Green Peas (grown in North America). They call them FENSI Vermicelli, what a great discovery!


Vermicelli-2 copy

Did you have extra chicken left over from your order of Phil’s Barbeque last night?Chicken Summer Rolls || KIN EATS

Put it to use, or just take a pound of chicken breast meat season with your favorite rub, broil or barbeque till done. Let it cool, shred it (easy to do with a fork).

Now comes the fun part… FENSI – Chicken Summer Rolls