guzzle psychological mania like a morning coffee

The Thrilllist says, and I quote ”


Maybe don’t tell your parents there’s a new movie about Jackie Kennedy starring Natalie Portman out in theaters right now. You’ll want to, but…

For viewers of a certain age, the promise of Jackie will evoke fashion statements, flash photography, and tragedy frozen in time, one better commemorated than remembered. The real Jackie Kennedy was a person, but their Jackie Kennedy was a statuette in a dynastic tableau forged by Vanity Fair and half-dollar coins. They would hear “Jackie Kennedy movie” and envision an eye-popping pink Chanel suit. The movie gives them the outfit stained in blood and cranial fluid. Jackie is one of the most barbed and breathless movies of the year — so, yeah, maybe don’t tell your parents there’s a new biopic about Jackie Kennedy out in theaters. imgres

Unless, like you (because I believe in your tenacity), they guzzle psychological mania like a morning coffee. Then by all means, tell them. Under the direction of Pablo Larraín, the two-time Foreign Language Oscar nominee whose 2012 film No, a stunning examination of the 1988 Chilean election that would dethrone Augusto Pinochet, is already one of the all-time-great political docudramas, Jackie drops the First Lady into a seething horror movie, where grief and social pressure haunt her like Freddy Krueger.

imgres-2As depicted in the movie, John F. Kennedy’s assassination cracked the First Lady in half. And instead of retreating to her family and friends for emotional support, the presidential widow spent her aftermath plotting a legacy. JFK’s funeral had to be regal, thousands parading down the street as a horse-drawn caisson carried him to St. Matthew’s Cathedral, just like Washington did for Abraham Lincoln. The myth-making didn’t drive Jacqueline Kennedy to madness, but it stopped only inches from the edge.”

Must see it love Natalie as an actress and you had me at… Jackie O!imgres-1