Father and Daughter Bake A Better Tradition!

imgres-4When new food products come on the market they should taste as good or better the the one’s we remember. We love what Swoffle stands for and how great they have made one of our favorite cookies.

Thier Story…

Father Daughter                 imgres-3

We are a father-daughter team with a passion for healthy and delicious food. Our Swoffle waffle cookies are inspired by the traditional Dutch treat, the “stroopwafel”. Each Swoffle is made from organic, kosher, non GMO, gluten free flour with a layer of creamy caramel in the center.
Not only do we love sharing these great products with you, but we also care about giving back. We have teamed up with local non-profits and through purchasing our Swoffles, you’re helping to provide meals to those in need. Each month, Swoffle has been able to provide over 1,500 free meals to food banks throughout the country!

~ John & Julia Paino