Easy No Knead Millet Bread

One of the trademark tricks to this recipe and many others I make is whip your egg whites!   


Whisk all your dry ingredients in a separate bowl, including the yeast…


add a third of the dry ingredients to the mixer/egg whites and combine for a minute. Take your whisk attachment off and replace with your bread kneading attachment. add the balance of the dry ingredients and let it run on medium for 5 minutes. This is important, remember you are not kneading this bread, here is where all that action comes into play. Line your loaf pan with parchment paper, this creates (yes another secret) a crunchy crust.


Put the dough into your loaf pan, and let it sit in a warm oven (no hotter than 175°) for 30 minutes. It will rise rise rise… take it out of the oven and place a clean tea towel on top, while your oven warms up to 350°