It’s a Coffee Revolution… Latte-Wonder

Face it, most canned coffee is overly-sweet, and unhealthy. But we love coffee drinks, and we found something better… something wholesome, something we would feel good about drinking and sharing with our friends and family.

Draft Latte, are you kidding me? La Colombe Coffee Roasters deconstructed the classic iced latte, breaking out the elements and figuring out how to build each part back into the drink – without heat.

See it in action here: >> >> YouTube Video

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Draft Latte, is the iced latte to end all iced lattes. Made with cold-pressed espresso, nutrient-rich milk, and natural flavorings, this drink has all the refreshing enjoyment of a cold coffee beverage, with the frothy texture and mouthfeel of a hot latte.

Click here to order Draft Latte dove cans online, or find a cafe where you can grab them:  >> La Colombe Website