Build Your New Home In 2 Days !

Specializing in customized modular units for residential backyard use, the Los Angeles-based startup Cover is out to transform the market with their high-quality prefabs.


Founded in 2014 by Alexis Rivas and Jemuel Joseph, Cover was born out of a frustration with the current residential building climate

By aiming to take the hassle out of building a customized backyard space, Cover has streamlined the building process. Through the use of their own proprietary software, the company has developed a precise building system that delivers both personalized design and functionality. Algorithms are used to generate floor plans based on the client’s specifications and site data, and each step of the building process has been optimized, from design to manufacturing and installation.

A complete design and quote takes only three business days. Once approval has been received from the local zoning department, Cover can manufacture and install a structure within 12 weeks, and because the structures are prefabricated and built in a factory, assembly only takes two days.





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