Architectural Digest Worthy… RMD

International designer Roger Moule, of Roger Moule Design is just one of those super creative people that designs in a way that makes everyone feel great when they step into a room.

The Motor City Designer with vision for more than just simple fabric selection, and what furniture to put where. This designer begins the design process from the moment he steps in front of a home. Right down to the finer details of how a shower curtain should look and perform, I mean really who cares that much, he does! You won’t believe how amazing a bathroom looks with a floor to ceiling custom made shower curtain and liner… till you see the RMD version. IMG_9507

Every room every angle you look at unfolds like a great novel. He gets it, and as he says, “God is in the details”. His work is biblical and timeless.

IMG_0864How to hire a designer… review work they have done, if you love it… give them a budget and tell them your wish list. Done, finished… then step back and let them do their best work. When it comes to the personal choices in our homes we can be bitchy, cheap or mean… or all three! Don’t!!

Give your designer room to be creative, the end result will be amazing, providing you choose a great designer. 

Roger Moule Design Contact: RMD