Small Pod For The Big Picture

Peddle your laundry clean and build up your legs at the same time.images-1

There are an estimates 840 million washing machines in use world wide

107 million of those are in use in the USA and of those 78 million are older models IE: not efficient. When it comes to water usage, and electricity consumption it’s a big part of our carbon foot print, globally 62 million tons of C02! And a whole lot of water.

While this is not for everyone, those who have the time could give up their gym membership and peddle their way to fitness and clean living…..

Drumi, a peddle power portable washer – dryer doesn’t need electricity, battery, or a solar panel. Leave it to those inventive Canadians who came up with this 22 inch tall laundry machine.65c8af_d78d6236670248ed9344735a881cee42.png_srz_979_498_85_22_0.50_1.20_0

To use it, you lift the plastic lid, add your clothes to the drum, along with five liters of water. Close the lid and add the detergent. Pump the pedal for two minutes, then push the button to empty the soapy water. Add another 5 liters of water, pump the peddle another two minutes, release the water, then pump again for a minute to spin or wring the excess water from cloths.  5037243_xe02

We saw it listed at $129 for presale. Kohl’s & Bed Bath and Beyond have a similar unit The Laundry Pod for $89.99

Could be a great item for students and campers. The foot peddle power laundry machine DRUMI