21 Elephants and 7 Camels Cross The Brooklyn Bridge

21_elephants_sur_le_pont_de_brooklyn,M119638You can always find great things to see and do in NYC, from Broadway to the top of Rockefeller Center. The historic to the most modern tallest high rise residential towers. But one of the most beautiful ways to see the city is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise and see the city from this vantage point.  When the Brooklyn Bridge—under construction for 13 years—was gearing up for opening day in May 1883, New York’s biggest showman (long before Donald Trump was around) made a proposal.

To test out the bridge, P.T. Barnum offered, he’d walk his troupe of elephants across it.

Authorities turned him down. But a year later, on May 17, 1884, his elephant march (plus other creatures) took place, what a showman that P.T. Barnum! It was a demonstration to the public that the bridge was safe  and a brilliant promotional stunt. After all he had his Museum in NYC and touring company to promote.

No-pants-required-on-the-Brooklyn-Bridge“To people who looked up from the river at the big arch of electric lights it seemed as if Noah’s Ark were emptying itself over on Long Island,”wrote the NY TImes. Walk where Jumbo and a cavalcade of circus animals did, and by all means watch your step, turn back around and look at the city from this amazing view!