The Perfection of a Cup of Coffee…


It all started when I searched the web for how to make a perfect cup of coffee… I landed at Six Coffee What’s the best way to brew coffee? “We love French press. One of the main benefits of brewing coffee in a French press versus a standard drip pot, is that more of the essential oils […]


Is it an Asian Burrito?


Sure most common Summer Rolls are filled with shrimp and mung bean noodles, I love those as well… but I have several friends who are not seafood or bean friendly (this recipe is for you).   We switched out the shrimp for chicken, and we switched out the mung bean or rice noodles for noodles […]


Peach, Love, and Understanding


There is nothing sweeter than backyard homegrown organic peaches. Having some extra ricotta cheese in the fridge I choose to make an Italian ricotta cheesecake. OK so I did not have enough ricotta, I used some greek yogurt, one cherry, the other mango, giving this creative cheesecake a hint of new flavors. served up along with […]


Summer is Here


Summer is here and it’s Berry-licious. You can find popsicle molds almost everywhere these days and it’s so easy to make some fresh tasty and even healthy Popsicles in a jiffy. We take Coolberries from Bgreen food and soak them in filtered water, 2 per popsicle. After about 10 minutes of soaking we add the […]