the perfect terrine for this summer


Sundried Tomato, Olive, Pesto & Almond Cheese Terrine   Great for dinner parties, or when you want to do something really special. There’s a few steps to this one, but it’s oh so worth it.  Especially if you’re going to a potluck (I won a prize at my very first potluck for the best dish, […]


would you wear those yoga pants ?


The yogawear company RumiX makes every piece of clothing it sells from materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill or the ocean. BY ELIZABETH SEGRAN  5 MINUTE READ For many yogis, achieving balance has to do with much more than just nailing the one-legged tree pose. It often has to do with more existential questions of […]


The Future Of The Built Environment


Benjamin Garcia Saxe will be speaking at Vision 2017 in London! Benjamin Garcia Saxe will be speaking at Vision 2017 in London on Tuesday June 6th between the hours of 16:40pm – 17:10pm and he will join Vision Sessions via a live link from Costa Rica to speak of a broader subject rather than just […]


What is Lectin Doing To My Body ?


  Plants are natural chemists. It makes sense, right? Since plants can’t move, run, or put up their dukes, they have to use their natural chemistry to protect themselves from the animals – and human beings – that might want to make a meal out of them. But, because plants were around long before we […]


When A Container Becomes Living Art


  Perfect for handymen or original design lovers, containers-houses are very successful for few years. Flexible and sustainable, they offer an alternative for traditional houses and are build in record time. Customized to resist of long ocean trip, containers are almost indestructible. And, for few years, are knowing an interesting reconversion into habitat. Designers and […]


Artificial Island: Real Intertainment


Dubai is waiting for the completion of 2 man-made islands, expected to finish by 2020 and costing $1.71 billion. Sprawling over 4 million ft., the islands will offer luxurious accommodations for travelers. One island will be  focused for families, and the other will be more focused for luxury travelers in the form of a high […]


Hummus and Guac Dip for All!


A hummus guacamole dip is a quick and simple dip, perfect for the summer and kids. With only 4 ingredients, you’ll have people admiring this snack in no time! Ingredients: 1. Guacamole (best made with fresh avocado, salt, and black pepper) 2. Hummus 3. Black Beans 4. Chunky Salsa And thats it! You can modify […]


Million Dollar Designs

The following houses are the most moderns and the best designed in the world. Check out these wonderful buildings and determine, are they cost millions of dollars but are they worth it?   924 Bel-Air Rd, California, USA, aka The most expensive house in the United States of America ($250 Million) Cabin Knapphullet, Norway   Pedro Reyes […]


Culinary Novelty : Freakshakes

Here is the new culinary trend. From Australia, the « freakshake » is a milkshake in which we add a supplement grout (sweet or salty), a cake or a biscuit (brownie, cookie, donut, bretzel, etc) and if we wish, some candies (marshmallows, m&m’s, …) For those who are not replete, it’s possible to take instead of or […]